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Diggity Dog


Canine Hotel and Day Spa


Boarding Rates

All boarding, daycare or walking fees must be paid for in advance or upon arrival. A non-refundable deposit will be required at busy holiday time to secure a reservation. All fees subject to HST.

per 24 hours Regular Rates Holiday Rates
1 dog per family $45.00 $55.00
2 dog per family $80.00 $90.00
3 dog per family $95.00 $110.00

Medication: A charge of $1.50 per application or dosage will be applied.
Special Needs dogs such as elderly that require special care to be discussed on an individual basis according to their needs.

Daycare Rates

Payment is due always in advance. All fees subject to HST.

  3 hours 6 hours 12 hours
1 dog per family $27.00 $32.00 $45.00
2 dog per family $41.00 $51.00 $72.00
3 dog per family $53.00 $65.00 $92.00
One hour walk $85.00    

Pick up and return of dogs can only be guaranteed if dogs attend on the same day on a regular basis. Because it is such a time consuming process, it is only possible to pick up and return a limited number of dogs scheduled in advance.

In the event that your dog does not attend on a regular basis your dog is always welcome, provided you are prepared to deliver and pick up your dog at an agreeable time. In the event that we are able to pick up and return your dog, there will be an additional, minimum charge of $2.00 each way.

Terms and Conditions

In order to protect your best friend from illness or discomfort, requirements for dogs attending Daycare or Extended care are:

  • Dogs must be generally well groomed and clean. Dogs coming for extended stays must be bathed upon arrival.
  • We do have a full grooming facility on site. We can groom your pet upon arrival.
  • Ask us about FURMINATOR de- shedding treatment for your pet. Extend your holiday by reducing the shedding of your pet, 60 to 80% for up to 3 months.
  • Must be generally healthy. Individual health issues that are not contagious can possibly be accommodated (to be discussed on an individual basis)
  • It is not possible for any dog displaying symptoms of diarrhea or vomiting upon arrival to be accepted at Diggity Dog.
  • All dogs must be sociable with both people and other pets
  • Basic obedience skills are required
  • Must be housetrained (young dogs in training can be accommodated, to be discussed on an individual basis)
  • Up to date with vaccinations and vet checks.
  • Must be on treatment for flea control Either Program, an oral flea control treatment or Advantage, a topical flea control treatment. Both are available through your veterinary clinic
  • Dog owners must be willing to accept responsibility for any costs for: any emergency veterinary care, or minor nuisances (such as skunk odor remover shampoo etc.) necessary while their pets are in the care of Diggity Dog
  • Dog owners should provide a written itinerary of the dog's regular routine as well as emergency contact numbers and veterinary clinic information.