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Diggity Dog


Canine Hotel and Day Spa



While you are away for the day, weekend or for a few weeks, have your best friend stay in the comfort of a spacious loving home, in the High Park District of Toronto. Your dog will have the run of approximately 2,300 square feet of space, with 10 foot ceilings, and cascades of light through the large windows. Featuring a 26’ X21” back yard, enclosed with a 7 foot fence.

All areas of the house inside and out are kept spotlessly clean by professional cleaners and expert staff who come in on a regular basis. Dogs are provided with ample filtered water from our reverse osmosis water system on site. In addition there is a high-tech air purifying system that re-circulates free air and removes bacteria and dust through the main ventilation system.

There is an abundance of toys for the dogs amusement and when they are through with playtime, there is lounging on the couch, beds or various doggy futons indoors or outdoors. In addition, dogs are either walked individually on leash or taken to off leash parks or conservation areas to exercise daily.

A typical daily routine at Diggity Dog Hotel and Daycare consists of:

  • An extended walk through the serene (insert pictures) nature trails of High Park or a dog friendly Conservation area.
  • Daily maintenance grooming, removal of burs, mud.
  • Breakfast (provided by owner)
  • Relaxation time
  • Playtime, ball playing and bone chewing
  • Noon-time walk
  • More free playtime
  • Massage time- full body and foot massage, ear scratching
  • Relaxation while listening to soothing music and experiencing romatherapy scents
  • Late afternoon walk
  • Dinner (provided by owner)
  • Lounging and bone chewing
  • Obedience training, sit, stay, come etc.
  • Trick performance for those that wish to show off special talents, games of fetch etc.
  • Evening walk before bed
  • Kept safe at all times

Certificate in First Aid and C.P.R. for Pets.