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Havanese & Portuguese Water Dogs


Havanese Puppies

If you want a fun-loving, little dog that is loyal and devoted to you, a Havanese is for you.

Diggity Dog now has three Havanese puppies for sale. These puppies are CKC registered purebreds.

Their Mother “Evi” is a light champagne color. The 3 puppies are as follows:

  • one black w/white
  • one tan w/brown
  • one white w/brown

These puppies are CKC registered purebreds. The sire was carefully selected to produce pups superior in temperament, health and confirmation. Both the Dam and Sire are of top pedigree, and have been health tested and come from pedigree lines of health tested champions.

The Havanese are charming, intelligent and alert, child friendly, extremely affectionate, and always entertaining.  They are known for being natural clowns. Extremely sociable, they thrive on human attention. They will adapt well to other pets in the household. They welcome visitors and in fact love to go visiting.

The Havanese are hypo-allergenic, non-shedding and odorless. They have a soft coat that is easy to maintain with frequent brushing and periodic bathing. They are a small but sturdy short-legged dog with a plumed tail carried over their back. They are an affectionate, happy dog with a lively springy gate. Although small they are not a fragile dog. Both intelligent and robust they are extremely good agility dogs. As natural show-offs and clowns, they are often the centre of attention. They thrive on human companionship and do not fair well if left alone for long periods of time.
The Havanese can be a good watch-dog, because of their alert demeanor and close relationship with their family. They will bark at strange noises, but are not constant barkers.

This long-lived, very special little dog can bring years of love and loyalty when treated with the kindness and love they so deserve.

Even though the Havanese is a small breed, actually classified as a toy breed, they are not a tiny, fragile dog. They may be small in stature, but they are muscular, extremely athletic (they were used as circus dogs in Europe) and are very lively and possess great stamina. Most Havanese take quite naturally to the water and love to swim. They make a great partner to larger breed dogs such as Portuguese Water Dogs, Labrador Retrievers etc. These large high energy breeds are often hard pressed to  keep up to the lively Havenese.

Breed History

It is difficult to accurately pinpoint the origin of the Havanese breed. Their history is drawn from conjecture and historical possibilities rather than documented fact. The many theories of their evolution and development are based on a composite of fact, fiction and legend; however, all sources do agree that the Havanese was always a small breed exclusively owned by the wealthy and socially powerful. They also excel in freestyle dance.In fact there is a group of ten in the U.S. that dance together to “In the Mood.”

The Havanese is the national dog of Cuba and its only native breed. These little "charmers" are a part of the Bichon Family and are descended from the same bloodlines that produced the Water Spaniel, Poodle, and Portuguese Water Dog. It is believed that during the very early days of the Spanish Empire they were brought to Cuba by colonists and traders who sold them to wealthy Cuban families or gave them as gifts to win the favour of wealthy senoras.

During the Cuban revolution, the Havanese began to die out except for a handful who found their way to the United States where the breed has slowly but steadily been rebuilt. All the Havanese in the world today, except for those from the "iron curtain" countries and those remaining in Cuba, stem from these 11 immigrants. Throughout all of their travels, Havanese type has remained virtually unchanged from that of the dogs in the eighteenth century.

CKC Breed Standard